A Pre-approval is an indication of how much you can borrow from a specific lender if you apply for a loan through them, which can be a very useful thing to have while you hunt down the perfect home.

So, what happens in the home loan pre-approval process? How do you get it? And at the end of the day, is pre-approval actually worth getting?

First step
The home loan pre-approval process requires some research into your own finances. Look at your income, your typical expenses, what assets you own and how much you owe, and from there you can get a rough idea of how much money you can afford to borrow.

You should also consider how much you might be able to afford in monthly repayments, as this will affect how much money you are able to borrow.

Second step
After you have reviewed your finances, speak to Concise Financial Services about the type of home loans that are available to you and which one is right for your situation.

At Concise Financial Services, we have access to over 40 lenders allowing us to find the ideal loan that suits your situation.

Third step
Now that you’ve picked your home loan, it’s time to apply. A member of our team will be right there to offer you a guiding hand through the process. You’ll go through the age-old ritual of filling out and signing a number of forms and a member of our team will send off the application to the mortgage lender when it’s done and dusted.

Your pre-approval is now in the lender’s court. They’ll spend some time going through the information you’ve provided and check your credit history. Once you pass, then congratulations! You’ve obtained a pre-approval for your loan, and you are now ready to find your dream home!

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